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I Have Autism and I am Special: How to Tell Your Child They’re Autistic – The Easy Way!

I Have Autism and I am Special: How to Tell Your Child They’re Autistic – The Easy Way!


Are you the parent, caregiver or educator of an autistic child? Then you already know how difficult and stressful it can be to speak to your child about their condition. autism


With one in every 68 children diagnosed with an autistic spectrum disorder, there is a pressing need for a reliable and easily available resource to help families in need introduce the news to their children in a loving and educated way. autism resources


In fact, we believe that this resource should be readily available for free in every school, public institution, doctor’s office and library, in order to help parents of

autistic children deal with the difficult and stressful task of explaining to their child about their condition.

And this is exactly what we hope to achieve!


Help Us Reach More Families In Need by Making This Book Available for Free!

how to tell your child they have autism

Written by a mother for her young daughter with autism, “I Have Autism and I am Special” presents the beautiful story of 5 year old JaynaLee and her mother, as they prepare for a trip to the doctor to discuss what makes JaynaLee so uniquely special. autism guide


In a simple, yet powerful manner, the book is invaluable to parents and educators, helping them cope with this challenging task in a way that is helpful for both caregivers and children. autism help

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